The smell of warm bread, the roar of a crowd, the taste of Beeman’s, Black Jack, or Clove—all of these things can bring back a memory by just mentioning them. Our Vintage Gums have an amazing history, largely because you’ve made us part of your story by enjoying chewing gum that tantalizes the senses!


Feel It's a Stretch

Whether you’re enjoying Beeman’s, Black Jack, or Clove gums, they all have one thing in common—their stretchy texture! It all started with Thomas Adams trying to get into the rubber business. He believed chicle from the sapodilla tree would give him the perfect stretch for rubber, but it didn’t quite hold up. Instead, he discovered chicle was the perfect base for the newly popular chewing gum and Thomas began his mission to make it in the gum business. Even though a modern gum base is now used instead of chicle, all three gums deliver on their stretchy, chewy texture you’ve loved through the years. 

Taste: Stimulating Flavor

Thomas Adams was an innovator on all fronts, not only with his discovery of using chicle for a gum base, but also for creating the first chewing gum with flavor! In 1884, Adams discovered that licorice provided a tingling feeling of sweet flavor for Black Jack, propelling the demand for tasty gums across the world. Soon Beeman’s cooling mint flavor joined the fold, as well as the sweet spiciness of Clove. All three leave your mouth feeling refreshed and satisfy that craving from your sweet tooth!

Smell A Whiff of Comfort

Remember the spices in your grandma’s house that made you feel warm and cozy? Our Clove Gum gives you the same comfort! The clove herb, combined with hints of allspice and cinnamon, leaves your mouth feeling toasty just like grandma’s kitchen.


Nothing says “fresh” like the smell of mint, and Beeman’s delivers with the sugary scent of wintergreen. Beeman’s delivers a perfect balance of sweet with the punch of coolness leaving your mouth refreshed!


Licorice not only has a unique flavor profile, but also a unique smell. Some scientists believe black licorice has up to thirty-nine different scents! We’d say it’s just enough herby sweetness to fill a room. One smell of Black Jack is all you need to bring back all the memories of grabbing a sweet treat from the candy shop with your friends after school.

Hear The Amazing Tales

Sounds of airplanes, bootlegging, and even the silver screen are all synonymous with Beeman’s, Clove and Blackjack gums. Pilots of the 1900’s believed Beeman’s was the perfect gum to cure air sickness. This was mostly due to a claim at the time that Beeman’s also helped with seasickness.

The legend surrounding Clove is the fame it received during the Prohibition era. Rumor has it, Clove covered up the smell of alcohol on someone’s breath! As for Blackjack, its shining moment was in the movie ‘Pump Up The Volume’ when Christian Slater exclaimed “I got my Blackjack gum here!”

Sight: Easy on the eyes

Since the 1970’s, we’ve used the same simple bold lettering on our packages for a clean, sophisticated look. The blue of Blackjack, bold redness of Clove and brightness of the white packing for Beeman’s are sure to be standouts in a crowded room!  Each stick is also wrapped in foil and dusted with powdered sugar for an eye-catching gum that’s perfect to share with all of your friends. 

It’s hard to imagine gum that wasn’t always in its thin, rectangular shape—which is a design that Thomas Adams can take credit for! Before the 1880’s, most chewing gum came in small pellets, but Adams discovered that a thin rectangular shape made gum more convenient and portable.

Soon, sticks of Blackjack, Clove, and Beeman’s were being shared everywhere—and recognized by everyone! If you’re looking for something to show off a bit more, our collectible Gum Tins feature some of the original artwork used in advertisements throughout the years. 

Something else for you to chew on: