It’s the little things that make the holidays a big deal, and we know that better than most. A twinkling light on the tree, a laugh shared with your family and friends, or maybe something as simple as a stick of gum that tastes like a memory made. We love all the unique ways details make the bigger picture better. Here are a few special ways to make the most of the holiday season – and every day – with Vintage Gums.

Share a Stick at Holiday Parties

It can be awkward to attend holiday parties where you don’t know many people – or anyone at all. Bringing a pack of gum with you can help smooth out social interactions, serve as a conversation starter, and give you a chance to introduce yourself.

Bring gum to holiday work events where – if you’ve only ever talked shop with your co-workers– you might feel clunkier conversation-wise than usual. Maybe you’re trying to find an icebreaker at ‘Friendmas’ parties where you’re trying to make friends with friends of friends. Or you need ideas to bond with family you haven’t seen in several years after dinner.

Offer everyone a stick of gum and open new opportunities to make memories together this holiday season. You never know what time has in store.

A Moment Under the Mistletoe

The holidays are romantic! The sweet peacefulness of falling snow. The shimmering lights and slow music. The potential of having your first kiss under the mistletoe.

Ease the tension and give gum a little credit where it’s due. Chew a stick to freshen up beforehand and feel the confidence come in. Offer a stick of gum right after to make a joke and laugh together. Write the date of your first kiss on the wrapper to treasure forever.

Split a stick of gum and share stories that become treasured memories.

The Taste of Time

A stick of gum can take you back to a moment in time and help you create new memories. The smell or taste can transport you back through time and bring you to that unique instant like it’s happening again for the first time.

Give your relatives some gum after an intense but fun family game to show there are no sore winners or losers. Have a stick of gum while you’re making a gingerbread house. Share your favorite flavor with your younger nieces and nephews to connect and live up to those “When I was a kid” moments. Give Vintage Gums as a stocking stuffer for friends and family to try something new together or share in old memories for old time’s sake together.

The taste of time can bring you back to the past, propel you forward into the future, and help you stay present all at once.

Pick Up Some Vintage Gums for Presents!

Ready to make some memories this holiday season? Try a variety of new gums in the New Year with Black Jack, Beemans, and Clove. You can find us at Joann Fabrics, Cracker Barrel - Old Country Store, Cost Plus - World Market, or Red Apple.

Vintage Gums are great for the game, good for a road trip, and always ready to take you back to happier times. Make the holidays – and your new year – extra special with a boost of help from us!

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