Ever wondered why your ears feel clogged while flying in an airplane or driving up a mountain? Perhaps you have experienced an ear “popping” and the relief that comes with it? Sudden changes in air pressure, as occurs during changes in altitude, can create a clogged feeling in your ears.

Why should I chew gum on an airplane or while experiencing altitude changes?

Ear barotrauma, or barotitus media, is the medical term for this clogged ear and popping sensation. Typically, the air pressure inside the inner ear and outside ear is basically the same. 

But when air pressure changes too rapidly, your eustachian tube (a part of the middle ear that regulates pressure) can’t react fast enough. 

This is where a stick of chewing gum comes in! A favorite preventative measure of seasoned travelers, chewing on gum during take-off and landing on airplanes can help relieve that ear pressure.

How does chewing gum help pop your ears?

Some think that the action of chewing or yawning affects your jaw and jaw muscles which cause your ears to pop. However, chewing gum helps people produce more saliva and swallow more. Swallowing forces your Eustachian tube to open, which relieves the pressure. 

Which Vintage Gums is best to bring with me on an airplane?

Any of the Vintage Gums Trio (Beemans, Black Jack, or Clove) are suitable when on plane trips or road trips. But we think that Beemans, which was beloved by aviators of the 19th century, is a great nostalgic option! 

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