Social movements, how we consume news, and even how we determine what’s cool was changed in the 2010s. Innovation made technology more portable than ever with smaller, more personal devices. Not only were people carrying around supercomputers in their pockets that got smaller and faster, but everyone also had a camera in their hand everywhere they went. 

The new digital space revolutionized the way we viewed the world—and influenced how we see Blackjack, Clove and Beeman’s through the eyes of their fans!

The rise of social media

Social media exploded during the 2010s, giving users the opportunity to share what was in front of them at any moment with their friends, followers, and subscribers. Soon our feeds were filled with captivating vignettes of dinner parties, enchanted outdoor excursions, and everyday images—like people picking up Beeman’s from their local candy shop!  

Suddenly social media was where you could put a finger on the pulse of popular culture. Dances like the Dab or the Floss became the go-to movements of celebration and viral content. Even words like “fire” and “lit” were redefined by internet celebrities for everyday use—and influencers gave birth to a new form of ecommerce for gum and candy. 

The Birth Of The Influencer

The explosion of social media created a new type of celebrity endorsement—the influencer. Average people could turn into stars overnight by creating captivating content to wow the masses. Companies around the world took notice of this new digital space and tapped influencers for collaborations online, which turned into massive endorsement deals.

This new way of advertising became the guide for society to find out what was hip and cool. People everywhere waited for the next viral moment with bated breath, and influencers found new ways to add product placements to their content. Every generation felt the desire to be part of a trend online, and the fear of missing out (or “FOMO”) grew as ordinary people became stars overnight and even gum and candy brands developed their own personalities online.

The Trend 

With the growth of influence also came the growth of trends, and chewing gum was right in the middle of it. Online communities began to grow and spread like wildfire, prompting users to be more creative in the digital space. Brands not only leaned on influencers to help create content for their products, but they also developed a voice of their own to bring witty or moving content to online advertising in the forms of memes, hashtags, and even online communities. 

Gum and candy brands like Beeman’s, Clove, and Blackjack weren’t just something you looked for in the store, they became something tangible to interact with on a day-to-day basis—and remind you that your favorite chewing gum is back, baby!

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