Timeless Tradition

Sharing a stick of gum has been a simple way to show you care for nearly a century.  Chewing gum burst into the world as a marvel confectionary and has stuck around ever since. We're looking back to see just how sweet our history is and to show that we're still in mint condition.

In Good Taste


From the 1880s when  BlackJack was introduced as America’s first flavored chewing gum to now, popularity has continued to grow. Over the decades, people have loved their chewing gum. In the 1920s women who chewed gum were considered to be breaking expected gender norms- hence gum being a popular choice for free-thinking flappers. By the end of the 1930s, thanks to actress Claudette Colbert, chewing gum was already becoming a well-known lifestyle item for adults—a tiny treat to keep with you to help freshen up your breath at a moment’s notice. 

Changing Confectionary


Throughout the 1950s, baseball cards would come with bubblegum- a match made to last.  All the while, the 1960s approached, as did the Space Race and America's love of space travel. UFO candy, gumballs shaped like rockets, and Satellite Wafers all joined the scene. The simple stick of gum had transformed into products out of this world.  Soon enough, the 1990s saw the dawn of sugar-free gum.

Sweets worth Sharing


In 1900, there were only a handful of successful chewing gum brands across the country. By 2000, the market was inundated with flavors and styles from over 100 brands from around the world; but none have a timeless taste and history like Beeman's.  Now more than ever we recognize the value of even the smallest of connections. We know never to take for granted any act of kindness- even as simple as sharing a stick of gum. In this spirit, we look forward to a century more of sweet moments worth sharing. 

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